TRS-80 Model 4P The TRS-80 Model 4P was a portable version of the TRS-80 Model 4, though it lacked the desktop versions Model III mode. It retained the same Z-80 cpu and had 64k of RAM. It was different than other portables of the time in being shaped more squarish than other makes, allowing it to have a larger CRT installed. It also had an expansion inside for an internal modem. Unlike other 'portable' machines of the period, the 4P's keyboard slid back into the machine, beneath the CRT, and a shallow cover was then snapped into place over the CRT and dual floppy drives. This cover provided the surface on which to sit the machine down when not in use, and there were even holders on the inside for one to carry floppy disks. The 4P is a really nice system, running TRS-DOS 6, or compatible OS, though CP/M was also available for it. I tried purchasing one of these systems when they were brand new, but unfortunately I had just entered the U.S. Navy and didn't make enough money to be able to buy it, so it took me nearly 13 years to finally pick one up.

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