Atari 600XL The Atari 600XL was the smaller sibling to the 800XL. It's case was styled almost identically to the 800XL, though it happened to be a bit smaller. The 600XL also had only 16k of RAM, vice the 800XL's 64k of RAM. Otherwise, the two machines were nearly identical in looks and features. Like the 800XL, the 600XL used the revised XL-OS ROMS which included a built-in BASIC and also had the PBI. The 600XL was released in 1983.

Atari released the 1064 memory module, which took the 600XL to 64k of RAM while RC Systems released modules to take the machine to 32k, 48k, or 64k. There was also a product produced by Richard Gore, called the Yorky, which plugged into the PBI. It was a 256k board and was fully compatible with the 130XE-type memory banking scheme and worked on 600XL's upgraded to 64k or on the 800XL.

Atari dropped all remaining support for the 8-bit computer line on January 1, 1992. Atari was bought out by disk drive manufacturer JTS Corp. on July 30, 1996, and production of it's computers stopped. The Falcon was sold to C-Labs of Germany who enhanced it and continued it's production. On February 23, 1998 JTS sold it's Atari division to Hasbro Inc. for $5 million, forming Atari Interactive Inc. Atari Games, the coin-op division which remained seperate from Atari Corp. and was later known as Time-Warner Interactive, became a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc.

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