Mattel Aquarius The Aquarius was introduced by Mattel in 1983, and stayed in production for approximately 9 months. It is a small wedge shaped computer with blue rubber keys with white letters on them. On the top of the system there is a single expansion port, which was normally used for program cartridges. It connected to your television, had 3k of RAM, and booted into Microsoft BASIC. There were a number of expansion options available for the system, including a datasette recorder, thermal printer, and a miniexpander which added additional expansion ports and a pair of joysticks.

When Mattel decided to stop production of it, there were a number of items on the drawing board, which never saw the light of day. Among these are an improved computer, dubbed the Aquarius II, and a full sized expansion chasis that housed items such as disk drives. Once Mattel dropped the Aquarius from thier line, Radofin Electronics, who designed the system, took over the rights to it and continued to manufacture it. Though never put into production, there appear to be a number of Aquarius II systems actually in existence, as well as prototypes of the Aquarius modem.

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