Bit-3 Full View-80 Video Card The Full View-80 video card is an 80 column video card for the Atari 800. It plugs into the 800's RAM/ROM expansion bus so it isn't usable on any other Atari 8bit system. It replaces one of the 800's standard 16k RAM boards, so if one wants the full 48k or more, a third party RAM board must be used in place of one of the remaining 16k boards. A narrow ribbon cable runs underneath the RF shielding and out the rear of the 800, ending in a plug for a composite monitor. There is also a mini-din plug that plugs into the monitor port on the side of the 800. The board must be plugged into the last slot of the expansion bus.

The following command typed into BASIC enables the baord:


The following command typed into BASIC disbales the board:


To create a file called 'ON' to enable the board from Atari DOS, do the following:

1) Type the following program into BASIC:

10 POKE 1536,169:poke 1537,24
20 POKE 1538,141:poke 1539,8:poke 1530,213
30 POKE 1541,32:poke 1542,35:poke 1543,214
40 POKE 1544,76:poke 1545,116:poke 1546,228
50 END

2) Run the program

3) type DOS, select option K, and then type:

ON, 600,610,600,600

Special thanks to Curt Vendel for providing the above programing information for accessing the board.

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