This Page's Purpose As of May 2007, this website has been online for 10 years! Certainly it hasn't been updated as much as I would like, and it hasn't quite been as complete as I envisioned, but thru the whole 10 years I have gotten a steady stream of emails from the site from people requesting information regarding various computers. I've helped when i could and plan to continue doing so. This page has continued to stay true to it's original goal of concentrating on content and not flash, and will keep with that theme.

For those interested, between May 1998 and April 2001, there were 21,801 hits to the site. This was before site traffic started being tracked by the host server. It is unknown when the server exactly started tracking traffic but between then and May 5, 2007, there have been 31,452 hits to the main page and 194,664 hits to all pages combined..roughly 300 visits per month. There are over 130 seperate pages that make up this site! For those that are curious why the sub-page names tend to be captialized, this site was originally programmed using the MS-DOS EDIT program and then uploaded to a UNIX-based webserver. UNIX can be rather fickle when it comes to letter case, so they were programmed for uppercase, instead of trying to convert all of the file names to lowercase. Over the years, the sheer number of pages made it a daunting task to try and change all of the filenames and links to lowercase after the fact.

Original info blurb:

This page is dedicated to early microcomputers, thier continued use, thier preservation, and the exchange of information about them. It is also dedicated to those people who feel that there still may be a thing or two to be learned from them. In pursuit of this, I will be presenting as much information within these pages as I possibly can. Which means that the pages contained here may not be as flashy as some of the other pages out there, but I hope that the content will more than make up for that. From the day I put this page up, it was my intention to concentrate on content and not appearance.

All computers and peripherals listed on these pages are part of my personal collection. This collection, and my interest in computers in general, really began to grow with the purchase of my first computer, the Timex-Sinclair 1000, in 1982, though my first hands-on experience with them came in my school's computer lab, which had a network of TRS-80 Model III's, a few months earlier. As you will also notice, I collect early video games. This is because I grew up in what many gamers call the 'classic gaming' era. My first home game console was an Atari Super Pong and I spent a great deal of time in 1981-1984 in video game arcades. It was also around this time that my father gave me a Japanese pinball machine! Around 1982, a friend took me to a warehouse full of video games, new and old, and we spent the afternoon playing whatever games we wanted to, though personally, my favorite game has always been Zaxxon. In fact, a member of my family still has an original 'Time Pilot' arcade machine in his basement.

This collection has been gathered by me, piece by piece, over the last 10+ years or so. I spent long hours going through 2nd hand shops and searching the 'Net, trading with other enthusiast. I lack far more machines than I currently have, but both storage and financial constraints will keep this collection from getting too much larger than it's present size. I think it's enough to keep me busy for a while though! Comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome, and in fact, most appreciated. If you would like to provide a description of a system or peripheral currently lacking one, feel free to send it and I'll be happy to give you credit on the page.

Photographs will hopefully follow shortly!!

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