Apple Macintosh Classic II The Apple Macintosh Classic II, also known as the Performa 200, was introduced in October 1991 as a replacement for both the original Classic and the SE/30. Like the SE/30, the Classic II had a 68030 cpu running at 16mhz though unfortunately it was saddled with a 16bit external data path, making it quite a bit slower than the SE/30 it replaced. It was originally priced at $1,900 and would be discontinued on 13 September 1993. It shipped with 2meg RAM, expandable to 10meg and had an internal 1.44meg floppy drive, ADB ports for keyboard and mouse, two 8pin mini-din serial ports, external floppy port and a DB-25 SCSI port. There was also room internally for a hard disk drive and it was the last Macintosh to use the 9" B/W screen, which had a resolution of 512 x 342. There would also be a color version of the Classic II which used a 10" color CRT.

This machine makes a good bridge between my newer systems and my Mac 128k and Mac Plus since it can read both MS-DOS format high-density diskettes as well as the original Macintosh 400k and 800k diskettes. It also has 4meg of RAM and a 40meg internal hard disk, which was quite a common combination. As an aside, I've even managed to network this machine with my Amiga using AppleTalk/LocalTalk and both running System 7.1, the Classic II acting as the file server.

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