< Tandy CM-1 Color Monitor The Tandy CM-1 was a 14" high-performance color monitor introduced with the TRS-80 Model 2000 microcomputer. It had a 26.4 khz scan frequency with a resolution of 640x400 and accepted digital RGB input. It carried Tandy part# 26-5112 and had a list price of $799.00. It's scan frequency made it incompatible with other video standards, though Tandy did sell three video cards for IBM-compatible machines that allowed it to be used. It had an EIA 8-pin connector on it's rear panel, and an adapter cable changed it to plug into the Model 2000's DB-9 video connector.

As an aside, for those Model 2000 owners that don't own a CM-1 but would like to have color, it is possible to use just about any early Multisync-type monitor with the Model 2000 as long as it accepts digital signal input and can sync down to the 2000's 26.4 khz frequency. Both the original NEC Multisync and the NEC Multisync GS work well, though the GS is a grayscale monitor.

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