TRS-80 Color Computer-2 The Color Computer-2 was an improvement over the original Color Computer in that it had a smaller, lighter case, 64k of RAM, and a better keyboard. The keyboard still wasn't a standard full-sized unit though. It was also able to generate true lower-case letters, something the original could not do. It originally carried the 'TRS-80' badge, but later machines were sold under the 'Tandy' name. It retained the 32 column video and was fully compatible with the original Color Computer and was priced to compete with the Atari 8-bit line, as well as the Commodore-64. It's CPU was a 6809E running at .89Mhz.

The CoCo-2 could display a maximum of 8 colors and a maximum resolution of 256x192 in 2 colors. It's normal text resolution was 32x16 and possible graphics resolutions were: 32x16x8, 64x32x8, 128x96x2, 128x96x4, 128x192x2, 128x192x4 and 256x192x2.

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