1st Generation: Beginning of the Microcomputers With the introduction of the 8008 CPU in November 1972, Intel provided an 8 bit microprocesor capable of addressing 16k of memory and powerful enough to build a computer around. The first system to be called a microcomputer, the Micral, appeared in May 1973 using the 8008. In April 1974, Intel introduced the 8080 microprocessor, capable of addressing up to 64k of memory and 1974 turned out to be a busy year in the world of microcomputers with the introduction of the Mark-8, the CP/M operating system, the Motorolla 6800 cpu, and the introduction of 'Creative Computing', the first magazine for the home computer enthusiast. The world of microcomputers skyrocketed in January 1975 with the appearance of the MITS Altair 8800 in 'Popular Electronics'. Though not the first microcompuer, it was the first to catch widespread attention and it helped launch a then little known company called Microsoft. Most systems at this time had to be hand assembled with a great deal of soldering involved.

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