Osborne Executive The Osborne Executive, model# OCC-2, was the 2nd model produced by Osborne Computers, and the follow-on machine to the Osborne 1. It used basically the same casing as the 1, though it added vents in the top of the machine and a fan that blew air out vents in the rear of it. When not in use, these vents were hidden by slide-on covers. The Executive's case was also an off-white in color, vice the 1's tan color, and increased the size of the screen to 7" while replacing the full-height 5-1/4" single sided, single density floppy drives with 2 half-height 5-1/4" single sided, double density units. The Executive retained the serial, external video, and IEEE-488 connectors from the 1, though it lacked the external battery connector. In all, the Executive was a much more usable machine than the 1, and it included a new version of CP/M, which was 3.0. This version used a very nice menu system incorporated into it's utility programs. It is likely that this machine was produced in far fewer numbers than the 1 due to how quickly Osborne rose and then fell again. The Executive was followed by Osborne's third and final model, the Vixen.

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