Tandy 1000 EX/HX External 3-1/2" and 5-1/4" Floppy The external 3-1/2" and 5-1/4" floppies were designed to be used with the Tandy 1000 EX and HX computers, connecting to the card edge connector on the rear of the machine via a shielded cable. The case is the same color as the computers and the drive is a double sided, double density unit of 360k for the 5-1/4" and 720k for the 3-1/2". Using the program SETUPHX, which was provided with the MS-DOS 2.11 provided with the HX, it was possible to change the CMOS settings to make this drive either A: or B:, depending on which drive one wished to boot from. It is not possible to daisy-chain multiple drives since there is no provision for a pass-thru connector on the drive.

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