IBM 5155 Portable PC The IBM 5155 was released in February 1984, with a price of $2900. The 5155 is an oddity, as it is comprised of standard IBM PC-XT parts sandwiched into a portable case. In fact, there are still the standard 8-8bit expansion slots inside the case, though all but 3 are unuasable due to the others being blocked by the dual floppy drives, and 2 of the remaining slots are taken up by the video card and the disk controller. The machine came with 256k RAM as standard, though this machine has had an AST RAM and I/O board installed in the remaining slot, for a total of 512k RAM. The built-in monitor is a 9" monochrome CRT running off of a standard CGA card. IBM would stop production of the 5155 in April 1986.

I've successfully booted the following operating systems on this machine:

PC-DOS 1.10 and 3.10
MS-DOS 1.17, 1.25 and 2.11
UCSD Pascal P-system
CP/M-86 version 1.1
Concurrent CP/M-86

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