Mattel Intellivision Computer Module The Intellivision Computer Module was an add-on for the Mattel Intellivision game console that turned it into a full-fledged computer, much the same way that the Coleco Expansion Module #3 turned the ColecoVision into a Coleco ADAM. It came as two pieces, the first being the computer module itself which plugged into the side expansion connector of the console and added 2k RAM, 16k ROM, built-in BASIC, a cassette interface, a printer interface, and 3 additional sound channels. The second piece was it's detached 49-key chicklet keyboard which plugged into two ports housed beneathe a removable cover on the front of the computer module. Power was provided seperate from that of the Intellivision by a wall-mounted transformer. Together, these pieces carried Mattel part# 4187, the computer module alone being #4182 and the keyboard being #4184. This unit came in two colors: the off-white to match the case of the Intellivision II and brown to match the original Intellivision. The brown cased variant is much less common.

Prior to introducing this setup early in 1983, Mattel had promised a keyboard component to turn the Intellivision into a computer, but cost had become prohibitive and the unit was only released in very small numbers, thought to be about 4000 units. Finally Mattel released the above system, also known as the 'Intellivision Entertainment Computer System' though the box for it shows 'Intellivision Computer Module', in order to satisfy complaints to the FTC from purchasers of the Intellivision. At the time developement was dropped, Mattel had announced plans for expansion, including 16k and 32k RAM, 8k and 12k ROM, a data recorder and a 40 column thermal printer. Though never produced, it is said that the data recorder and thermal printer shown for this unit were rebadged items originally produced for the Aquarius home computer.

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