Apple IIc The Apple IIc was introduced in May 1984 with a price of $1300 as the follow-on to the Apple IIe. The IIc was the 'compact' machine in the popular Apple II line, hence the 'c' designation. It looks very much like a modern day laptop with the exception that it lacks the built-in screen. The IIc had provisions for composite as well as RGB video out though. Another thing that the IIc lacked because of it's compact size were the expansion capabilities of the earlier machines, though it did have connectors on the rear of the machine for a printer, external disk drive, and a serial port, as well as having a headphone jack with volume control under the left edge of the keyboard. The IIc stayed in production until 1990 as the IIc+, which had some improvements over the original, mainly the replacement of the 5-1/4" internal floppy drive with a 3-1/2" drive.

This particular machine has the external Disk-IIc 5-1/4" floppy drive.

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