Indus GT Disk Drive The Indus GT is one of a line of half height disk drives that was produced to work with a number of different computer systems, depending on which one you purchased. It is a single sided, double density drive, capable of holding 180k. It uses it's own Z80 cpu and includes a LED display on the front that will display error codes or the track number that the head is on. It also has a smoke colored cover which flips down over the front of the drive, complementing it's black case. It shipped in a black plastic carrying case, about the size of a briefcase, which doubled as a floppy disk storage case when the included cardboard dividers were installed. Like other Atari disk drives, it has dual I/O ports on the back for daisy chaining multiple drives or other devices. It's 'Syncromesh' mode is usuable only when using either the DOS XL or SpartaDOS X operating systems.

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