Tandy International Keyboard For The Model 2000 I have very little information on this item, as it doesn't even list a Tandy part number on it and I've yet to find any more than the smallest of mention of it in any of the flyers and such. The sticker on the bottom simply states 'TRS-80 Model 2000 Personal Computer Keyboard' and is identical to the standard keyboard with the exception of the additional keys. The standard keyboard had 90 keys. It is unknown what market this keyboard was produced for or what changes had to be made to the machine in order to use it. The one time I plugged it up to my Model 2000, it caused the machine to totally lock up, not unlocking until I booted the machine without any keyboard attached.

Unlike the standard keyboard that shipped with the Model 2000, the International keyboard had 96 keys, adding numerous special characters to the layout. One very noticable difference between the two are the 5 keys on either side of the spacebar, where there are none on the standard keyboard. On the International keyboard there are two keys directly to the left and three keys directly to the right of the spacebar.

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