Kaypro 2X The Kaypro 2X was a continuation of the popular series of portable CP/M machines produced by Non-Linear Systems, who then became known as Kaypro Inc. The machines in this series are notable for their no-frills, functional cases. They were fabricated from sheet steel, with the power cord and keyboard cable wrapped around stanchions on the back of the machine, always exposed, with the handle for carrying the machine placed in the center. They have large screens, with half-height 5-1/4" floppy drives stacked together off to the right side of the screen. Unlike other portables though, such as the Osborne's, the 5155, and even the TRS-80 Model 4P, the Kaypro had no provision for a place to store diskettes enclosed with the system. As with the other portables of the time, with the exception of the 4P, the keyboard of the Kaypro flipped up and was held in place to cover the screen and floppy drives, and to provide the surface on which to set the machine down on. Once the machine was opened up, a small wire stand could be extended from the bottom, to raise the CRT to a more comfortable viewing angle. This particular machine came with an internal 300 bps modem. Other Kaypro models shipped with internal hard disks and other enhancements. The Kaypro 2X uses a Z-80 cpu and includes 64k of RAM.

In the 1984 - 1986 timeframe, a MIDI keyboard/synthesizer was produced by Digital Keyboards, called the 'Synergy'. The second version of this keyboard was able to interface with the Kaypro machines, which were the only machines supported by the editor software. Thanks to Arthur Green for this bit of information.

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