Apple Macintosh 128k The Apple Macintosh, Model M0001, was the first of the Macintosh series of computers and was introduced in January 1984 for $2500. It's television advertisement was run once, during the Superbowl in a small market, so that it would be eligible for that years awards, though newscasts replayed it numerous time aftwards. 100,000 are sold within 6 months. It shipped with a single internal 400k 3-1/2" floppy drive and 128k of RAM. It also contained 64k of ROM and it's screen had a resolution of 512x342. Later machines were labeled 'Macintosh 128k' on the rear, while the earliest machines simply said 'Macintosh'. The machine in my collection is a very early example. The Macintosh's compact case housed a monochrome monitor and had no room for internal expansion options. On the front of the machine was the connector for the keyboard, while there were ports on the rear of the machine for external floppy drives, mouse, printer, and a compartment for a single AA-type battery. Like other Macintosh's that followed, the model M0001 was powered by the Motorolla 68000 cpu, though this machine lacks the built-in SCSI interface used in later machines. The case has the signatures of the designer's cast into it on the inside. The Macintosh 128k would be discontinued by Apple in October 1985, though the same basic case design would be used for numerous later models, but without the signatures. I currently run it using System 3.2 with Finder 5.3.

Other items I have with this machine include an external 400k floppy drive, it's original mouse and keyboard, an original Macintosh box, including the three smaller boxes for holding the mouse, keyboard, and manual, as well as the original manual and 'Guided Tour' audio cassette. I even have the original power cord, though I lack the original diskettes that shipped with the machine.

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