Texas Instruments 99/4 Impact Printer The TI 99/4 Impact Printer, part# PHP-2500, is a fairly standard dot matrix printer. It is 80 columns wide with a 9 pin head and a serial interface on the rear. It's beige/brown two-tone case doesn't match the color scheme of either variant TI-99/4a and the only tell-tale sign connecting the two is the faceplate on the front of the printer which shows 'Texas Instruments 99/4 Impact Printer'. The part# is shown on a sticker on the rear of the printer. The year of manufacture for this printer is unknown. According to the Genicom L.L.C. website, which in the past has provided support for various printers, the PHP-2500 is actually an Epson RX-80 and was sold as a companion to the TI-99/4A. It includes both serial and parallel interfaces.

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