Power Computing PowerCurve 601/120 This machine isn't very old, as it came out in 1996, but it's listed here because it currently handles the duties as my everyday-system. This machine is a Macintosh-clone produced by Power Computing. It shipped with a 120 mhz PPC 601 processor and includes sound, video, VGA and Macintosh video out, ethernet (both AAUI and RJ45), SCSI, ADB and 2 LocalTalk ports on the mainboard. It also has 4 168-pin 5V DIMM sockets for RAM, 1 L2 cache socket, and 3 VRAM sockets, plus 3 PCI slots. It's processor is mounted on a daughtercard and it's system bus is capable of running up to 60mhz, plus it has 2 front-accessable 5-1/4" drive base and the single bay for it's floppy drive. Power Computing was the first company to release a licensed Macintosh-clone.

This machine has been upgraded with a PowerLogix processor board with a 350mhz G3 and 512k backside cache. This system, based on the Catalyst mainboard is unable to use most of the G4 upgrade cards. Sonnett does make a G4 upgrade compatible with this machine though. I currently have the G3 clocked at 400mhz with a 50mhz system bus, as well as 256meg of RAM and an 16x CD-ROM. It has 1meg of VRAM, the video running at 800 x 600 at 16bit, a 4gig internal and 2gig external hard disk, an Entrega PCI 4-port USB board, an external Philips CDD2000 SCSI CD-R, a Piotech Splendeur 3024 SCSI scanner, and a Diamond Monster 3D II PCI, 3Dfx Voodoo2, video board handling 3D games. The onboard video of the PowerCurve is passed directly through the Monster 3D II using it's included cable. Currently the system is running Macintosh OS 9.0.4 and accesses the Internet using an external SupraExpress 56k modem. It also has an Adaptec Powerdomain 2930U Ultra SCSI card handling the hard disks and CD-R, while the built-in SCSI is handling the internal NEC CD-ROM and scanner.

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