Sears Tele-Games Super Video Arcade At one point, in order for anything to be sold through Sears stores, the company required that it carry one of the Sears-brand names. This is how Atari sold the 2600VCS, relabling it as the Tele-Games Video Arcade. A short time later, Mattel struck a similar deal with Sears to sell the Intellivision through the chain of stores. It had a slight redesign and was labled as the Tele-Games Super Video Arcade. Various game cartridges were also labled with the Sears name, though they were identical to those sold under the Mattel name. Though functionally equivilent, the Super Video Arcade differed from the Intellivision in that it's controllers were housed side by side in the center of the console, turned front-back, vice the Intellivision's layout of end-end, one on each end of the console.

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