TRS-80 Model 2000 Clock/Mouse Board The TRS-80 Model 2000 clock/mouse board added a battery-backed real time clock, as well as an interface for a digital mouse. It became available March 15, 1984 and carried Tandy part# 26-5144. It listed for $119.95. It included a small manual and the software to manipulate the clock from DOS. The mouse was used for such programs as VersaCAD and MS-Windows version 1. A special driver disk from Tandy was required in order to run Windows 1. The mouse was available seperately as part# 26-1197 and listed for $99.95. The mouse connected by way of a 9 pin connector. The clock used a slim battery placed in a socket on the board.

As an interesting side note, the actual circuit card for the clock/mouse board only used roughly one-half of it's mounting tray. In comparison, most of the other slide-in expansion cards took up the whole width of the tray and expansion slot.

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