TRS-80 Model 2000 RAM Expansion There were two ways of expanding the RAM in the Model 2000. The first way, and which nearly everyone did, was to add an additional 128k RAM by way of a daughtercard coming off of the mainboard. This carried part# 26-5160 and listed for $299.00. This brought the machine to a total of 256k.

The second way was by way of expansion boards which plugged into the Model 2000's expansion slots. The base RAM board held 128k and carried part# 26-5161 and listed for $499.00. One could then add the 128k RAM expansion option for the board, for a total of 256k of RAM on the expansion board. This was comprised of 18 64k x 1 DRAM chips and carried part# 26-5162, and listed for an additional $299.00. Up to 2 of these fully populated 256k RAM boards could be used, along with the 256k RAM plugged into the mainboard, for a total of 768k of RAM.

Another option, which appeared in the late 1980's and required a bit of soldering were two RAM expansion options from a company called 'Envision Designs'. The first involved putting a total of 898k of RAM in place of the 256k RAM duaghtercards coming off the mainboard and the second involved putting a full 640k of RAM on one of the standard RAM expansion cards. It is not known how much either one of these cost, nor is either one still available as Envisions stopped manufacturing their Model 2000 products in 1990. The procedure for doing either one of these has never been made public.

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