Tecmar T-Disk The Tecmar T-Disk is a 20meg hard disk for the Amiga 1000. It is housed in a small external case which coordinates and stacks with other Tecmar products for the Amiga 1000, such as a modem. It's controller is housed inside a small extension of the Amiga's case, or 'sidecar', which plugs into the expansion port on the side of the A1000. Also housed inside the sidecar is a 1meg RAM expansion, and there are joystick port extensions which exit from the front of it since it covers the two existing ports. On the rear of the sidecar, there is also a RS-232 port which was never fully implemented. Both the sidecar and the T-Disk take thier power from the same external power supply unit. Drivers for the T-Disk must be added to the system startup files and the A1000 must still boot from it's floppy drive since the T-Disk isn't autoboot capable.

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